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Our Mentor Program is the flagship resource for MileOne members. It consists of personalized advising which ensures that members learn and grow with the help of experienced and successful professionals. This is fundamental to our mission.

All of our dedicated mentors are committed to giving back to the community because of their firm belief in the power of knowledge and experience. They volunteer their time, energy, and expertise because they are devoted to cultivating our growing economic ecosystem.

We believe in the enormous benefits produced by business mentorship.

Mentors share their vast experiences and even their mistakes, helping members avoid common pitfalls. This accelerates the learning process and eases the stress of self-starting a business.

This is especially important in an ever-growing economy where surviving means constantly adapting.  

Our mentors also provide personalized solutions and advice for developing and growing your business. They work to guide you towards the right processes and resources, something critical for self-starting.

Currently, our portfolio of mentors includes experts in digital development, eCommerce, banking, logistics, and education — with more joining our ranks soon.

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If you are interested in becoming a mentor for our MileOne community, please contact us:

Phone: 956-413-8855 / Email: