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Cultivating brand loyalty is achieved using a number of strategies. Of course, you need to have a great product or service that customers value.

However, an all-important key to brand loyalty is Personalized Customer Service. Everyone knows how critical it is to treat your customers well. As the saying goes, “the customer is always right.” However, being nice and courteous is not enough. You can be really friendly and still miss out on the opportunity to build meaningful trust with your guests.

There are three simple strategies for personalized service that you can employ today in order to help build that trust and loyalty.

Learn Your Customers’ Names

This may seem like common sense, and most small business owners know many of their valued customers’ names. However, it’s important to treat all guests this way in order to create that trust you need for a solid customer base.

Now, if we’re honest, manners aren’t what they used to be. While the cause is debatable, the truth is that people don’t always introduce themselves. The simplest way to overcome this is to introduce yourself first. Once you know their name, make sure to greet them and let them out of your door the same way. After all, personalized service is great service.

"...the truth is that people don’t always introduce themselves"

Remember and Verbalize What They Purchase

This also seems like common sense, yet it isn’t practiced enough. Sometimes we know what services or products guests come in for, but we don’t say anything when we greet them. Why?

Unfortunately, it's usually because we don't see the importance of it. However, simply verbalizing that information can build substantial trust and loyalty.

By verbally anticipating customers’ needs, you show the customer that their business matters to you, that their interaction with you was just as impactful as yours was with them. This is essential for building trust.

" show the customer that their business matters to you"

Make Them Feel At Home

Ultimately, the last two points lead to this one — making your guests feel welcome. Have you ever been somewhere where you feel uncomfortable or like an outsider? Not a good feeling.

By using their names and anticipating their needs, you’re already creating a warm and welcoming environment.

It will also help to keep a friendly disposition, give them all of your attention whether they are in the room or on the phone, and make sure you are consistent, especially if you have multiple employees in direct contact with customers.

In short, there are many factors customers use to determine loyalty. If used effectively, these three simple strategies can help build the trust you want from your base in order to ensure repeat customers.

Source: Valeria Contreras, Co-Owner/Co-Founder at Caffe Dolce & Cultura Beer Garden