Connecting People. Connecting Ideas.

Everyone has something they're working on, something they dream of building. Yet everyone needs an office space that allows them to be creative and productive.

This is the place.

MileOne is a non-profit co-working space built for people just like you, and we only have three rules: Create, Learn, and Grow.

Our shared, open-concept office brings together creative minds who work independently while also sharing their knowledge, their art, and their ideas and values.

While co-working and experimental workspaces have been popular across the country for some time, MileOne's non-profit space is Laredo's very first.

Sure, it's not the way business has always been done.

It's the way we're doing it.

Who typically uses co-working spaces?

  • Self-starting Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers (Photographers, Artists, Writers, Coders, etc.)
  • Work-from-Home Employees
  • Hobbyist & Tinkers
  • Software Developers

If this sounds like you, contact us today and learn more about what MileOne can do for you.