Connecting people. Connecting Ideas.

Everyone has something they're working on, something they dream of building. Yet everyone needs a place that allows them to be creative and productive.

This is the place.

MileOne is a non-profit co-working space built for people just like you, and we only have three rules: Create, Learn, and Grow.

Our shared, open-concept workspace brings together creative minds who work independently while also sharing their knowledge, their art, and their ideas and values.

While co-working and experimental workspaces have been popular across the country for some time, MileOne's non-profit space is Laredo's very first.

Sure, it's not the way business has always been done.

It's the way we're doing it.

Who typically uses co-working spaces?

  • Self-starting Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers (Photographers, Artists, Writers, Coders, etc.)
  • Work-from-Home Employees
  • Hobbyist & Tinkers
  • Software Developers

Contact us anytime for more information or schedule a personalized tour of the facility today.

Phone: 956-413-8855 / Email:  

Ready to get started? Schedule a FREE 1-on-1 strategy session here, and receive your first month of Co-Working for free. (Offer does not apply for Incubator Membership)